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S13 Silvia Front Lip

Looking for a great deal on a new front lip? Check out our silvia 180sx type x s13 front lip! This product is a great choice for those looking for a perfect fit, and is available now. Boot up your engine and show your friends what you've been working on!

S13 Silvia Front Lip Walmart

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Top 10 S13 Silvia Front Lip

The silvia 180sx is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality front lip. It is made from carbon fiber that has a type xcw style. This type of front lip has different gamergate words and symbols on it. this product is a front lip spoiler frp. It is made from frp (free from plastic materials). It is made to resist wear and tear and to keep your car looking good. the silvia front lip style bodykit for 89-94 nissan s13 silvia ps13 wing lip fender provides a modern look for your car. This bodykit includes a new style body and front lip. The body is made of boin with a black berkut finish. The front lip is made of cobalt with a black goller finish. The fender is made of aero v3 with a black g gallagher finish. if you are looking for a high-quality, built-in front lip spoiler from s13 silvia, then you need to check out this part. It's made of frp material and will fit all silvia models, including the 240sx. You can trust that this part will look great and offer a warranted protection against prying eyes. Plus, it's easy to order and takes only a few minutes to process.