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Ysl Twins Lip Duo

Looking for a new and exclusive way to enjoy life? Try a lip duo with yves saint laurent & pink harmony! These two amazing designers give us a your new favorite color! The coral harmony is perfect for the day and the pink harmony is perfect for the evening. Share a look with your friends and see what they say!

Ysl Twins Lip Duo Ebay

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Ysl Twins Lip Duo Amazon

The ysil twins are back with a brand new 10 raspberry violet lipstick. They look so cute with their cute, sapphire blue eyes and mustachioed smiles. The twins are always up for a challenge and this lipstick is no different. They use a brush more than anything else so make sure your brush is up for this one! the ysl twins are back with a new pair of shades. This time, they are the coral harmony and the pink harmony. They look beautiful and are very bright. This set is the perfect way to show your coral and pink morph together. the ysl lip duo is the perfect way to keep your drinks credentials looking great no matter what! These twins provide a beautiful twelve raspberry violet lipstick color. They're sure to give your social mediaauras a run for your money! the ysl twins are back and better than ever with their new lip duo. Coral harmony and pink harmony provide a beautiful satin shine and pink harmony provide a final contribution of power.