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Rsx Mugen Rear Lip

Looking for a quality mugen rear lip spoiler for your acura rsx? You've come to the right place! Our mugen blockers are designed to improve performance and look of your car. This product is part of our range of quality products and we'll have it in stock at lipsi. Biz retailers within 24 hours. We hope you'll consider it!

Rsx Rear Mugen Lip

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Mugen Rear Lip Rsx

This mugen rear lip diffuser is perfect for your 02-04 acura rsx! It fits perfectly and helps reduce lean power and vibrations, making it easier to keep the engine running. The led brake light makes it easy to read while the mugen design keeps you cool and comfortable. rsx mugen rear lip spoiler is a great addition to your acura rsx. This product is designed to improve visibility during on-road driving, and was created with you, the driver in mind. With itsraxioballer technology, this part helps improve the back of the front tire's contact patch against the ground, providing a more even distribution of power while driving. the mugen rear lip spoiler is a pieces that can help to protect your back from crashes. This product is a pair of side skirts that come in standard sizes. They are easy to put on and take off, making it a easy way to show your rear end off. this mugen is perfect for those who want to show their acura rsx rear bumperlip spoiler from a different perspective. The mugen is unpainted black and fits the 02-04 acura rsx.