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Dior Addict Lip Glow

Introducing the perfect pink noir lip color! Dior addict lip glow is a color reviver balm that uses ingredients like raspberry and blackberry to give your skin a little bit of color and life. It's a perfect addition to your natural beauty color line-up.

Lip Glow

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Dior Lip Glow Pink

This is a unique flushable lip glow color that can be used for either natural or contraindicated skin tones. It is a daily face care favorite that also gives a pink glow. This is a rare product so get this if you love the red color style. the christian dior addict lip glow is a beautiful raspberry berry flavor that will eat your eyes up! It's the perfect color for any complexion and will make your skin glow and look healthy. This product is fast free and will ship within 24 hours. the christian dior d-addict lip glow balm is the perfect solution for those who love to glow in the dark. This lip glow balm is made with all-natural ingredients and fast-drying, making it perfect for those who want to look like a major diorama player. This lip glow is a ultra pink bnib that comes in a small fl. It is fast free shipping and comes with a size fast free shipping.