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Aspec Lip Rsx

Looking for a rear lip spoiler to improve the look and performance of your acura rsx? look no further than aspec lip rsx diffuser! This innovative product improves the performance of the lip spoiler by providing a softer feel and more drag.

Aspec Lip Rsx Target

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Aspec Lip Rsx Walmart

Looking for a duraflex aspec front lip spoiler? look no further than our body kit for the acura rsx. Our duraflex aspec front lip spoiler body kit allows drivers to have access to their car's front end without having to remove the spoiler itself. This kit includes everything from a front paintaure spoilerridge to a front spoiler and side skirts. this is a 1 piece front lip spoiler for the acura rsx. It is made of duraflex material and it is black in color. It is fit for the 1 piece front control arm case. this is a 1-piece duraflex a spec lip spoiler for the rsx acura 05-06. It helps to provide a modern look to your car and is perfect for those who have a modern design. this is a style "asspec" lip for the 02-04 acura rsx coupe. It is unpainted black and fits well. It is a little big on me, but other than that, it is perfect!